November 28, 2021

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What are the impacts of the new Coronavirus on schools and educational sites?

A report from June 10 revealed that more than 7 million people were infected and sickened. Worldwide with the new coronavirus. Through the end of June 2020, there have been numerous outbreaks in Japan, but the momentum has not changed. People’s lives and economic activities have been affected significantly by this. In this article, we will discuss some of the effects of the new Coronavirus on school environments.

Do school systems and educational settings have to deal with the new Coronavirus?

Schools and educational sites were closed for several weeks, and future sports competitions and events were postponed or cancelled because of the effects of the new coronavirus.

Cancellation of sporting and cultural events repeatedly

There have been many cancellations of sporting and cultural events due to the potential for transmission of the new Coronavirus to children.

A number of competitions are currently cancelled. Including the National High School Baseball Championship (Summer Koshy). The Inter-High, and the NHK Chorus Contest, among others.

Children who have been involved in sports all their lives are shocked by this news.

National High School Baseball Championships must have been a long-term practice for many years in order to win.

The disappointment of losing the goal of “playing baseball at Koshien” is a big damage.

In addition, such a national tournament is a “place of appeal to professionals and business teams,” and playing an active part in the game can change the life of the player.

“I didn’t win the last tournament, so I want to win this year.”

“I want to do my best this year to surpass myself last year.”

It is required to provide an environment where students who have determined and valued. Each day can demonstrate the results of their practice.

Delay in school education

On May 25, 2020, the state of emergency in Tokyo and other prefectures and Hokkaido was lifted.

With this decision, each educational institution started the school little by little. But usually more than a month and a half has passed since the beginning of April. When the school started, and the education schedule is reviewed for the entire school. I am being chased by Meanwhile, the way children study has changed due to the new coronavirus.

Children who study using videos that teach YouTube study and services that distribute classes of famous cram school teachers online are also widespread.

However, the problem was that there was a difference between children who were motivated to learn and those who were not.

Impact on job hunting

The current third year of high school and fourth year of university are also the time to focus on job hunting.

However, the economic situation caused by the outbreak of the new coronavirus is negative in many industries, forcing severe job hunting.

In addition, major airlines and others have announced the suspension of recruitment of new graduates one after another.

Hiring that has been leaning toward the seller market. Where the favorable situation continues for job hunting students year after year since the Lehman shock

However, it is expected to become more difficult this year. As the number of hires will be significantly reduced.

In addition, from the perspective of preventing infection with the new coronavirus, many companies have introduced online company information sessions and employment examinations. Which has significantly changed the style of job hunting. For students living in rural areas, it may be one of the merits of being able to receive online interviews while staying at home, which greatly reduces transportation and accommodation expenses.

Dropout due to reduced family income

The impact of the new coronavirus also affects the performance of the parents’ company.

The significant reduction in parents’ income has also highlighted the problem of not being able to pay the tuition fees to go to school. In addition, there are many people who have to work part-time to live a difficult life due to the influence of the new coronavirus, which reduces commuting.

It is also necessary to inform the school’s consultation desk about the current situation and look for support provided by the government.

Avoiding “three dense” to prevent infection

It is the reopening of the school that many educational institutions have been waiting for with the cancellation. Of the state of emergency.

However, there are many situations in school life where there are “three dense” situations, and educational institutions are also struggling to take measures.

For example, even in the part where “40 students gather in the classroom”. It is quite possible that “three dense” will occur and spread from one infection to the entire class.

There are various measures for elementary and junior high schools in each local government.

For example, the swimming class was canceled from the viewpoint of “preventing congestion. In the changing room”. In addition, various events such as athletic meet and chorus contest have been forced. To be canceled from the viewpoint of preventing splashes.

What is the impact of the new coronavirus on international students?

Next, I will explain the current situation and support of “foreign students”. Who are studying at Japanese schools from overseas to Japan.

Most of the international students cover their tuition and living expenses with daily part-time jobs and remittances from their parents. However, the number of part-time jobs has decreased sharply due to the influence of the new coronavirus in Japan.

In addition, in the country where the parents live, there are cases where stricter infection prevention measures. Such as blockdown of the city (lockdown). Are taken, and the income of the parents also drops sharply.

As a result, there are problems such as being unable to pay tuition fees to the school and continuing to study.

However, since the number of support systems newly created due to the outbreak. The new coronavirus is increasing for foreign students. It is important to first check with the local government where you live.